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LawCrossing provides its members what no other job board offers. It monitors and goes through thousands of web pages and dozens of job sources that are lesser known. It does this in order to put together an immense database of legal jobs.

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LawCrossing faces criticism because it charges for its services. However, with paid membership the ultimate benefit is yours. The free job boards only contain a handful of legal jobs and thousands of applicants applying for the same job. This means you will have a nearly nonexistent chance of actually getting a job with them. With LawCrossing, membership is restricted. There are tens of thousands of jobs and only a limited number of applicants applying for each job. Naturally, your chances of landing a job are automatically higher.

When it comes to your career, think carefully before you make any decisions. LawCrossing cancellation is easy if at any point you feel you are not satisfied with their services.


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Kathryn D. | Philadelphia, PA
LawCrossing is a great site and I liked its online services. I discovered that it gave me an edge over competition. I am happy to get a job through LawCrossing. Thank you!

Andrew B. | Plano, TX
LawCrossing helped me hunt my dream job. The best thing about this website is the facility to apply online, which saves lot of time.

You may have heard about Lawrossing complaints and a LawCrossing scam on the internet lately. However, have you wondered if there is any truth to all the LawCrossing complaints and rumors? The company has thousands of members who have been able to find quality legal jobs sooner than ever with the treasure trove of propects that the website offers.

The only logical reason behind LawCrossing complaints and LawCrossing criticism is that unlike the traditional job boards, accessing this website requires you to pay a membership fee. The services of the company are not available for free and that is for a good reason. What if you knew that LawCrossing has an immense database of legal jobs that is the result of millions of dollars worth of research? You may not have imagined that so many legal jobs actually exist, but the truth is that they do. Once you pay for a membership you can get access to all these exclusive jobs which will help you get much closer to getting the legal job of your dreams.


Client Reviews

Amelia K. | Ambler, PA
LawCrossing is extremely accurate and fast when it comes to posting of jobs. The online application feature is also remarkable. All in all a wonderful legal job site.

Raymond M. | Fair Lawn
The ‘Email Alert’ is a brilliant facility provided by LawCrossing. No other job-site provides such a feature on an everyday basis. LawCrossing is the best!

If you have spent months trying to find a legal job, you already realize how hard it is. However, most people don’t know the reason why legal jobs are hard to find. The simple fact remains that the sources you may be using may not be well equipped to give you the desired results. Most job boards only provide you with a limited number of job openings. However, with LawCrossing you can get access to thousands of legal jobs, many of which are not found on any other regular job boards.

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David L. | Alexandria, VA
LawCrossing is the most user-friendly website I have ever come across. It has both easy and fast search functions, which help narrow down your search to the most accurate list of jobs. An excellent website.

Joshua S. | Neport Beach, CA
LawCrossing has a fantastic collection of job listings. It’s my favorite legal jobsite.